Utilikey 6-in-1 Tool

This is a great stocking stuffer!

The Utilikey is an indispensible tool for your pocket. Unlike traditional multi-tools or pocket knives, the Utilikey lives in piece with your keys on your key ring. It's not bulky, it's built-to-last, and it is oh so handy to have along for whatever trip you might take.

Trip did I say? Why yes, I personally have traveled over 1,000,000 miles by air through over 20 countries with my Utilikey.

The 6-in-1 Utilikey has a knife, a saw, a regular screwdriver, a philips head screwdriver, a jeweler's screwdriver, and a bottle opener in one convenient key shaped form factor. The Utilikey flips open to release from your key ring and then makes the plethora of tools available for use. When finished, collapse it back on your key ring for easy storage and future access.

Packaged in a stylish tin with instructions.