Ultimate Gadget Kit

Stumped for what to get the geek in your life? Look no further, our Ultimate Gadget Kit contains everything your geek needs, wants, and secretly covets.

Packaged in rugged aluminum cases, there are 3 themes guaranteed to please your geek:

Size It - Everyone has a ruler and a tape measure. But how many people have brass Vernier Calipers and Douzine Gauges? That's what we thought. We've combined our best calipers and gauges in this themed case.

Secure It - Clamps? Check. How about a telescoping alligator clip? Curved forceps? We've combined our best gadgets used to secure your geek's work into this case including 4 flavors of tweezer, a gripper tool, a magnetic pickup, and the aforementioned forceps & alligator clip into this themed case.

See It - Yes, your geek has glasses. This is the special assist kit containing a 4" magnifying glass, a wearable 5x magnifying monocle with chain, and a mirror mounted on a telescopic mount with pocket clip. All of these optical gadgets are packaged in a rugged aluminum case.

Bonus - Mr. Handy. one of our most popular geek gifts combining a base that has two work holders, a soldering iron rest, and a 3" magnifying glass in a single gadget. The catch? Mr. Handy is packaged in attractive box, he's happy to stand alone.

Sure, you could try to amass all of this awesome on your own, but why bother when we've got your back?

Get your Ultimate Gadget Kit today!