30 Odd Foot of LED Lights

We really love LED lighting. It's energy efficient, when properly designed provides soft and lovely light, and it's incredibly cost effective when the lifetime of the LED light source is taken into account. 

For that reason, we took it upon ourselves to design a wall powered LED Light Strand with over 100 individual bulbs on a copper strand that plugs into a wall socket. This Oddyssea exclusive light strand is weather resistant and drop dead gorgeous. Because the lights are on a copper strand, they are easily moldable into different shapes and will keep that shape. Because the bulbs are LED, the temperature is very low and there is no fire danger when combined with potentially combustable materials. Your use of these lights is limited only by your imagination.

Technical specifications: 120 VAC / 5 VDC power supply, 10 w / hour power consumption, and 100 LED bulbs with 50,000 hour lifetime (this means you can keep them powered on for over 5 years without a break.)